Ohnut Travel Dos and Don'ts

Ohnut Travel Dos and Don'ts

Ohnut Travel Dos and Don'ts

Here at Ohnut, we’re all for bringing your bedroom accoutrement with you on vacation. But how do you pack those friendly accessories? What should you and should you not do to keep your Ohnut safe while on the move?

Whether you’re reading this at the height of summer travel season or any other time of the year, here are our Official Ohnut Travel Tips. 

Illustration of a hand squeezing Ohnut

1. DO: Squeeze Ohnut while you’re sitting in traffic (or on take off and landing)

Travel is… stressful. Good thing Ohnut doubles as a stress ball! Go on, give it a little squeeze.


Illustration of a melted Ohnut

2. DON’T: Leave Ohnut in a hot car

Much like small children and pets, please do not leave Ohnut in a hot car (yes, even with the windows rolled down). No one likes a melty Ohnut.


Illustration of an Ohnut case in a full suitcase

3. DO: Bring your case with you!

Keep your squishy little friend safe and sound even when it’s piled under all of your electronics chargers, over-priced airport snack, and latest beach read. 


Illustration of Ohnut in a washing machine with a dizzy expression on its lil face

4. DON’T: Mix Ohnut and appliances

As tempting as it may be, Ohnut doesn’t belong in the dishwasher, microwave, nor washing machine. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again—no one likes a melty Ohnut.


Illustration of Ohnut wearing sunglasses and sunscreen

 5. DO: Use lube (not sunscreen)

Ohnut and lube are the very best friends that anyone could ever have, and should always be used together! Ohnut-friendly lubes include: water-based and silicone based. DO NOT use: oil-based, or sunscreen ;) (please wear sunscreen when you’re out in the sun, though).


Illustration of Ohnut in an innertube floating in a pool

6. DON’T: Use your Ohnut in a pool

Ohnut is not a floatation device and, as a professional standard, we don’t recommend getting spicy with Ohnut in chlorinated water.


And that's it! Bon voyage! Wishing you pain-free travel and pain-free sexy time ;)

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