Pelvic Gym: Behind the Scenes

Pelvic Gym: Behind the Scenes

Pelvic Gym: Behind the Scenes

It started with a pandemic. As confusing and devastating as it was, it was also a time to get creative. 

Our little team has always gotten questions about what else people could do to work on their pelvic pain—and we’d say: go to your doctor, go see a pelvic floor physical therapist. But when suddenly we found ourselves stuck indoors and pelvic PTs hurting for clients, something we already knew became abundantly clearer. People need access to expert advice, but the experts are often inaccessible.

And we could do something about it.

The problem: Even in a COVID-19-less world, it can be hard to go to pelvic floor physical therapy. Why? Weeeell...

  1. Most people don’t know pelvic PT is an option, let alone that they have a pelvic floor. And frequently, physicians don’t know it’s an option either—so it can be even harder to get a referral.
  2. Pelvic PT is often not covered by insurance. And PTs should be reimbursed for their time and expertise—unfortunately, that means treatment is financially out-of-reach for many Americans. 
  3. Pelvic PT isn’t available everywhere. Most pelvic physical therapy offices in the US are located in big coastal cities like San Francisco and New York City. That means it’s hard to find in-person care for a large majority of the US (and people across the globe). 

The idea: So what if we could build a platform that generates awareness and gives people access to top notch PTs - at a low monthly cost? What if we could help people make empowered steps towards a healthier pelvic floor and better quality of life - from home? What if we could help PTs expand their impact and inform the world of our unsung hero, the pelvic floor - which has historically been ignored? And thus, Pelvic Gym was born.

Now, it wasn’t easy.

Emily began reaching out to the best pelvic PTs she knew, starting at the top with Amy Stein (a fearless early pioneer of pelvic floor physical therapy). Our site wasn’t even built yet, but every PT we spoke with was on board to help! They recognized the constraints of in-office care and the impact a digital platform could have on the future of pelvic health. With such immediate interest, our wheels started turning faster and faster. This train had officially left Dodge. We were going to make Pelvic Gym happen (though not without its fair share of difficulties).

Remember, we are a tiny team at Ohnut. And we build hardware, not software. But when momentum like this hits, and with a committed crew of renowned PTs (physicians and PhDs too!) keen on having an impact outside of their offices, we put our scrappy smarts together to do our very best. Armed with only a vague knowledge of how to code and the power of the internet, we discovered the bright and shiny world of No Code. Using a combination of services like Webflow and Zapier, our tiny-team-that-could put together a website. A real, living website. And we’re darn proud of it. 

Now, the future holds bigger and brighter things for Pelvic Gym, with levels of technical expertise beyond our wildest imaginations. (So… if you’re a software engineer and this is your jam, please send us an email [])! 

In the meantime, join us, spread the word, and take charge of your health with Pelvic Gym. There’s a 14-day free trial (no credit card required). We’d love to have you :) Let’s make 2021 a year of health!

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