Restoration Ohnut

Restoration Ohnut

Restoration Ohnut

Our sex lives are like our homes—a space for liberation and comfort for ourselves and each other. Like our homes, sex lives change; we move, we remodel, we make adjustments to help us feel good. Specialty pillows that tame thunderous snoring, speakers optimized for kitchen dancing, the handy step stool that gives us a boost—

everyday tweaks can rock our worlds.

Sex is much the same. Every body is different and life can hand us surprises, so why not approach sex like our homes and make adjustments? Ohnut is a simple option for getting creative (when sex gets uncomfortable), so that you and a partner can focus on what’s important—comfort, enjoyment and connection.

...we couldn't help but get a little creative too :)

Image of two toothbrushes nestled in an Ohnut. "Restoration Ohnut. 23. Sex is intimate—a shared toothbrush holder, a nylon bristle kiss after a morning’s use."
Image of an Ohnut around the base of a lightbulb. "01. Sex is trust—a light in the hallway that keeps us from tripping over our feet."
Image of an Ohnut around a green candlestick. "18. Sex is messy—wax drippings from the flame also keep it burning."
Image of a wooden hairbrush sitting next to an Ohnut. "03. Sex is care—a hairbrush singing through morning snarls."
Image of a felt necklace wrapped around an Ohnut. A llama also perches majestically on a separate Ohnut ring. "47. Sex is expression—a favorite accessory that brings out the animal in us."
Image of cherry blossoms in an Ohnut. "07. Sex is giving—blossoms that whisper “thank you,” “I was thinking of you,” “I love you.”"
Image of a brown egg resting atop an Ohnut. "12. Sex is nourishing—breakfast leaning against the kitchen sink in slim early light."

We welcome helpful additions into our homes because they can be downright comforting. So when unwanted discomfort happens during sex, there’s nothing wrong with new additions that may make us feel good, feel comfortable, feel closer.

Don't they say "Home is where the heart is?"

Well, sex is where the heart is too.


"New products allow us to take matters into our own hands, to feel worthy and capable of enjoyable sex, and to learn about our bodies instead of just saying 'he's too big.' It's time for a change in the way we speak up for ourselves and one another, because let's be honest — who hasn't had pain during sex?"

-Emily Sauer, for Bustle 

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