Your Results: Sometimes penetration goes too deep

This is called deep dyspareunia—and it's super common! Caused by anything from cranky pelvic floor muscles to surgery to conditions like endometriosis.

Ohnut, a series of stretchy and stackable rings, can help you control how deep penetration goes. So you can relax and just focus on what matters most :)

How Ohnut Works

Explore your favorite positions without sacrificing sensation for either of you.

  • -Start with three rings (comes with 4)
  • -Apply silicone or H2O lube
  • -Slide Ohnut down to the base
  • -Enjoy :)

How the Vibe Ring Works

With its hands-free design and easy integration with Ohnut, you can worry less and enjoy more ;)

  • -Use with or without Ohnut Depth-Limiting Rings
  • -Place anywhere in the stack of rings for a different sensation
  • -Explore 7 different patterns and intensities

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Ohnut, the Vibrating Ring, + Organic Aloe-Based Lube