How the Affordable Care Act Empowers Women

Healthcare is a matter of life or death, not privilege. The Affordable Care Act gives more Americans access to healthcare by subsidizing marketplace insurance and expanding Medicaid coverage. Protect and expand the ACA. 

ACA Fact Sheet Page 1   
ACA Fact Sheet Page 2

Regardless or what happens in the presidential election and supreme court justice appointment, federal and state legislature have the power to protect, expand, or repeal the Affordable Care Act. And you have the power to tell them what you want.

Join us in voicing our support for this lifesaving legislation!

  1. DOWNLOAD the fact sheet, social media feed and story posts
  2. SHARE on social media, and be sure to tag your representatives (here's how to find them)
  3. BE HEARD by emailing and/or calling your representatives

Not sure what to say? Try:

"My name is [NAME], and I'm reaching out to you as one of your constituents to voice my support for the Affordable Care Act." 

Simple as that! Remember, representatives are elected to represent YOU. 


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