Your Results: Sounds like you're looking for a little spice ;)

We've got just the thing! From Kiwi to the Vibrating Ring, we've got both hand-held and hands-free options if you're looking for a little vibration.

How Kiwi Works

While primarily a therapeutic device, Kiwi was also designed to feel good!

  • -Three massage ends to release pelvic muscle tension
  • -Shallow entry (optional) for comfort and control
  • -Two motors for stimulation and bloodflow
  • -Pelvic PT-guided videos included

How the Vibe Ring Works

With its hands-free design and easy integration with Ohnut Depth-Limiting Rings, you can just enjoy ;)

  • -Use with or without Ohnut Depth-Limiting Rings
  • -Place anywhere in the stack of rings for a different sensation
  • -Explore 7 different patterns and intensities

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Kiwi, the Vibrating Ring, + Organic Aloe-Based Lube