Your Results: Sex hurts when it first starts

This is called superficial dyspareunia—and it's super common! One of the most common reasons why superficial dyspareunia happens is because the pelvic floor muscles and its surrounding structures are too tight (or hypertonic).

That's where Kiwi comes in :)

How Kiwi Works

Use the power of science to relieve muscle tension and entry pain—all while helping to retrain your nervous system to associate penetration with pleasure.

  • -Three massage ends to release pelvic muscle tension
  • -Shallow entry (optional) for comfort and control
  • -Two motors for stimulation and bloodflow
  • -Pelvic PT-guided videos included

How the Vibe Ring Works

With its hands-free design and easy integration with Ohnut Depth-Limiting Rings, you can worry less and enjoy more ;)

  • -Use with or without Ohnut Depth-Limiting Rings
  • -Place anywhere in the stack of rings for a different sensation
  • -Explore 7 different patterns and intensities

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Kiwi, the Vibrating Ring, + Organic Aloe-Based Lube